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Email Marketing

MMM wanted to increase the subscriptions of users and artists to a platform in order to enable artists to receive 70 percent higher profits than on the average stream service. However, building a healthy environment that promotes profitability meant that MMM would need to focus on marketing. In this case, their unique structure enabled them to set their sights on email marketing: specifically, flexible and powerful email marketing that implemented relevant campaigns in order to help them convert leads.

The campaign

Using our lead generation capabilities, our team decided to capitalize on drip campaigns that would segment emails to specific audiences.

We emphasized staying away from campaigns that blasted their entire capabilities and starting slow while building segments. In addition, we implemented a drip campaign in which someone who abandoned their cart would receive a series of reminder emails or a welcome series that would introduce them to the brand.


The Results

Not only has email marketing become one of MMM’s most impactive and profitable channels, but its efficiency has also made it a lasting component of MMM that Angry Apples Marketing continues to analyze and optimize.

  • +105% Revenue Growth
  • +262% overall holiday revenue gain after adjusted calendar strategy and email content optimization
  • +email conversion growth
  • +55% after 3 months compared to previous 3 months
  • +45% increased email open rate
  • +30% increased conversion rate

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