Email Marketing

Cray struggled to reach their attendance goals for sales events in its Northeast division. Not only did they need to increase their attendance, but they also need a clarifying view of end-to-end results.

The Campaign

  1. Develop a campaign based on need
  2. Consult with prospects to set the verticals

Target Personae

  • Boards of directors and chief officers
  • Chief information and technology officers
  • Risk aversion and legal departments
  • Information technology and security management


The Results

By using lead generation to build and create continuous relationships with Cray’s buyers, we have:

  • transformed Cray’s marketing strategy to create more revenue and provide a better client experience
  • created affluent relationships between Cray’s marketing brand and the audience through lead generation and utilizing digital channels such as social media
  • helped Cray develop a better understanding of its audience
  • generated leads through automated email campaigns thus providing a deeper link between Cray and their target customers, and expanding their market

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