Mark Kaufman Furs


Kaufman Furs wanted to optimize their marketing efforts, as they were concerned that their current methods were not generating enough sales during the winter seasons. (For obvious reasons, sales in the business depend on the weather.) They also attempted to boost sales through paid traffic, to little effect. They eventually hired Angry Apples Marketing to help increase organic traffic to both their website and their physical location in Manhattan’s Midtown.

The Campaign

We used our lead generation capabilities to make sure that online assets were successfully conveying the brand, engaging the viewer, and leading to higher rankings on Google and Bing. In doing so, we transformed Kaufman Furs’ campaign strategies to focus on search engine optimization and increasing digital presence in the fashion and luxury community that went beyond traditional methods.

  1. Review current marketing tactics
  2. Fix broken links and other irregularities on the website
  3. Tag photos on social media
  4. Update, curate, and republish copywriting
  5. Use more creative description tags based on those used on major industry websites to increase clicks from search engine results pages


The Results

With our assistance in the effort and a renewed focus on increasing its digital presence, Kaufman Furs has since experienced the following:

  • +240% increase in mobile traffic
  • +197 increase in organic website traffic
  • 14x increase in social media traffic
  • Public relations boost from industry authority websites
  • Top of Google Search results

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