Nabila K

Influencer Marketing

Nabila K is a cosmetics and skin care brand that specializes in products made with all-natural and/or organic ingredients, without parabens or potentially harmful chemicals. Nabila K was seeking to increase brand awareness and as a result, increase sales.Given the nature of the products, Angry Apples embarked on an aggressive influencer campaign as we believed this would best increase brand exposure and drive sales. The ongoing campaign has continued to increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and sales through our strategic collaboration with key influencers. Additionally, the campaign has also resulted in more social media reposts, stories, story mentions, amazon reviews, and genuine/marketable content.

The Campaign

Angry Apples Marketing embarked on a campaign that focused on search engine optimization as well as an aggressive influencer campaign to increase brand exposure and sales. In particular, we decided the best of plan of action with regards to this client was to focus on:

  1. Influencer marketing, and Sponsored reviews and promotions on blogs and Amazon
  2. New website and branding and Rebuilding website and brand for a more immersive customer experience
  3. Data analysis through social listening, Customer sentiment and net promoter scores
  4. Dashboards and reports based on obtained data, Recommendations based on customer segments, trends, and optimization


The Results

  • +92.5 New Visitors to the website
  • 18,600+ likes on social media posts
  • 300+ likes on average on each social media post
  • 3900+ comments on social media posts
  • 63+ comments on average on each social media post

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