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Influencer Marketing

go90’s primary objective for Angry Apples Marketing was to build and drive brand awareness. In order to do so and to reach influential audiences, we partnered with sports influencers. Our second objective was to use our leverage — top social media influencers, creative direction, and audience — to elicit engagement and thus drive up profitable action.

The Campaign

Using our lead generation capabilities, our team decided to capitalize on drip campaigns that would segment emails to specific audiences. We emphasized staying away from campaigns that blasted their entire capabilities and starting slow while building segments. In addition, we implemented a drip campaign in which someone who abandoned their cart would receive a series of reminder emails, or a welcome series that would introduce them to the brand.

  • Partner with top bloggers, athletes, and social media personalities in multiple
  • Develop an authentic and relatable campaign message
  • Integrate organic, timely, and relevant components of the brand into the influencer’s storyline thus giving us more leverage
  • Further increase brand awareness by marketing to new audiences through our current audience


The Results

  • Through the efforts of Angry Apples Marketing and go90’s media influencers: Awareness of the go90 brand and customer engagement increased
  • 500,000+ people reached on all social media platforms audience feedback increased: 100+ comments on average on each social media post

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