What makes Angry Apples different?

We are an ambitious marketing agency that ​develops bold, industry-leading brands with a distinctive personality and brand voice.​ We are data and results-driven. Our strategies are aggressive and they are proven to work. We provide real ROI, project after project.

Our Services

We do a lot. We do it Best.

Our core drive is delivering ROI to our clients through every avenue available to us. Be it Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO Optimization or Email Marketing Campaigns, our team will deliver results you can see.

Brand Development

Your brand is the unifying force behind your business. Building it takes a creative edge and strategic planning. Our team goes hands-on with clients to identify goals, gather information, and draw their branding roadmap.

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Business Strategy

Starting with a clear understanding of your audience, AAM’s business strategy process model results in a framework for how to tell your story in a logical sequence in order to achieve optimal results.

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Experimental Marketing

Bring the customers to you. In the ever-changing industry of marketing, it helps to take calculated risks and try new technologies as they develop. We’ll guide you through this.

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Email Marketing

Bringing your email list to life with reliable and scalable email marketing strategies.

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Visual Design

Visual assets identify who you are to the customer.​We specialize in crafting a unified image for your brand across digital communication platforms.

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Influencer Marketing

Amplifying your brand and business with influencer campaigns that create brand advocates.

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One of the most important channels for generating revenue.

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Search Engine Optimization

Focusing on your goals with business-minded SEO that goes far beyond short-term vanity metrics.

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Web & User Interface Design

We know what’s essential in developing highly functional B2B or B2C websites, landing pages, apps and digital experiences. We work across a variety of CMS platforms to achieve accessible, scalable and easy to use interfaces.

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Tired of marketing that doesn’t get results?

It’s time to Get Angry.

We started Angry Apples when small businesses came to us for help to fix their marketing that fell flat. Frustrated on their behalf with the wishy-washy, half-baked stuff we saw, we knew we could do better for them, faster and for less. We didn’t just get angry, we got serious and down to tactics on how to help businesses grow. And Angry Apples was born. We may be unorthodox in our approach to marketing, but we promise tactical and creative strategies to get results, within resources, budgets and on time. Small, lean and angry, we’re driven by data and motivated by results. Sick and tired of hype and hyperbole? You’re ready to go angry.

Some of Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with many great clients from just about every industry. This extensive range of clientele speaks to our tried-and-true strategic marketing methods. Here is a list of just some.

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Reach out, we’re great at what we do and we look forward to discussing the specifics of your project with you. If we don’t convince you that you should work with us, no hard feelings. There’s brand success to win and nothing to lose. Call us today!

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