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” From my very first meeting with Angry Apples I realized I was not dealing with your run-of-the-mill marketing agency. By the end of that initial meeting I was given an accurate assessment of what Bucketful’s identity was, where it had to go, and how to get there. “

Keith Oh, CEO & Founder at Bucketful


” I fully recommend Olivia as she and her team will assist you in taking your business to the next level in terms of market awareness and increased revenue via effective lead generation and marketing. Please consider Olivia and Angry Apples for your next marketing project. Thank you! “

Tony Cuomo, Head of Northeast Sales at Cray

” It is exciting to be working with such a strong and reliable marketing team that understands blockchain and the mechanics behind marketing our brand. “

Rishabh Bahl, CEO & Co-Founder at Invenzion

” Their search engine optimization skills are ridiculously effective. My business has been around since the 1870’s and we’ve been through a few ‘marketers.’ Angry Apples’ creatvity and skills are unmatched. Definitely worth the investment. “

Marc Kaufman, CEO & Founder at Marc Kaufman Furs

” Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to work with many celebrity pop artists from Missy Elliott to Mariah Carey. Although working with the artist can be quite an exciting experience, when it is time to deal with the label’s developmental staff it can become shockingly hit-or-miss with regard to competence and etiquette. Working with Olivia is as an absolute pleasure as professionalism and engrossment with detail are constantly maintained. She exudes an aura of integrity and honesty to the project that assures you that she is one hundred percent present. I highly recommend Olivia for any endeavor worth your time and attention. “

Robert Sax, Studio Manager at Quad Recording Studio

” I love my Angry Apples team. I wish everyone worked like them. Our sales are 35% higher than expected this quarter and we see a clear line to their work. “

Ernest Boaten, Marketing Associate at juul

CariFresh Logo
” Overall, with Angry Apples, we feel like our money is well spent, and the [return on investment] is excellent. “

Wilhelm Reimers, CEO & Founder at CariFresh USA

” I love my Angry Apples. “

Khalid Khashoggi, CEO & Founder at IES Test Prep

GCO Logo
” Angry Apples has a methodical and tenacious team that is razor focused on achieving your goals once you unleash them on a project. The Angry Apples team both engages and assists during projects and is eager to help, all with smiles on their faces! Thank you AAM! ”

Brian Owens, Patent & Trademark Attorney for Goodhue, Coleman & Owens, P.C.

” Angry Apples Marketing has done an awesome job on our new website and marketing plan for Intellectual Property Network, Inc. The professional and knowledgeable people at AAM helped us every step of the way through all of our marketing needs. “

Debbie Hughes, General Manager of Intellectual Property Network, Inc.

Higher Ground Youth Outcomes Optimizer
” Angry Apples Marketing has been excellent in their work with our nonprofit organization. Their professional and consistent work around our social media accounts has gathered the attention of our community, increasing our social media traffic by 2x. Additionally, their coordination and involvement has allowed a key project of ours to make progress by leaps and bounds. With AAM involved, we have become more and more confident of our online presence. “

Jansen Azarias, Co-Founder and CEO of Youth Outcomes Optimizer

” When People Assistant looked to rebrand and launch into new markets, we chose Angry Apples Marketing. AAM gave us a new look, exciting branding and opened doors into new markets. “

Mark Ziska, President & CEO of People Assistant

” Angry Apples has been a pleasure to work with and their intimate and detail-orientated approach is what we love most. Thank you Sonia and Angry Apples! You are the best! “

Eric Macalma, CEO of The Firestarter Group LLC

” Angry Apples Marketing is highly reputable and professional. They have done outstanding work not only for our own company, but for numerous clients of ours who we referred to them. Trustworthy and on point, Angry Apples Marketing is one of our most prized tools in our toolbox! “

Joseph Grigoli, COO of The Money Channel NYC, Inc.

Chris Lobue Photography Logo
” Pleasure working with Angry Apples, they are always understanding of our vision and invested in our success. They work in a relaxed style but are perfectionists when it comes to the details with a no-frills approach – which I think is the perfect combo for most business owners!”

Chris Lo Bue, Owner of Chris Lo Bue Photography

” I chose Angry Apples Marketing because I simply couldn’t find a reliable marketing provider who offered all the deliverables I needed in one company. When it comes to getting all of your marketing needs done, Angry Apples is the best in the business. “

Dr. Jorn Gorlach, Co-Founder and VP of Research & Business Development for SativaGen Inc.

” Angry Apples has a talented team of creative people dedicated to timely delivery of great work products. “

Paul Arena, CEO of Parallax Health Sciences, Inc.

Global Learning Foundation Logo
” My experiences with Angry Apples Marketing has been nothing less than extraordinary. They have my unconditional support because their service matches their knowledge base when it comes to branding, product design, and more. Specifically, I’ve experienced their expertise related to one of my co-created pieces of intellectual property, Sumerian®. Their willingness to do what it takes, consistently follow up, and add to the creative production of the actual content is what sets them apart from many others. “

Enrique C Feldman, Founder and Director of Learning for Global Learning Foundation


” We had an outstanding experience with the slide production. The graphics delivered were spetacular. The Angry Apples Team did a very good job of creating a great flow and we had assigned them the challenging task of condensing the decks to a short concise investor. “

James Sapirstein, CEO and Executive Chairman for Marizyme, Inc.

” Working with Angry Apples has been nothing short of wonderful. Sonia and the team are very responsive, thorough, and pleasant to work with. Highly recommend! “

Jasa Davidson, District Manager for ADP, LLC

” Having a constant social media presence is critical to brand messaging, yet is something we have lacked the capacity to keep up with. Angry Apples has made this possible for us, creating content months in advance and posting consistently across our social platforms! The team is always responsive and has supported us in creating clear messaging around the work that we do! “

Rema Hamdan, Technology Director of Higher Ground

IES Publications Logo
” The Angry Apples Marketing team is fast, precise, and accurate! It has been a pleasure working with their elite copywriters. AAM’s knowledge and know-how are unmatched! “

Chris Carbonell, Editorial Director of IES Publications

” Datavault relies on Angry Apples Marketing for its digital marketing expertise, particularly in the areas of social media marketing, branding and UI/UX design. The AAM team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business. We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to effectuate our digital marketing strategy. “

Nathaniel T. Bradley, CEO & Director for Data Donate Technologies, Inc.

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