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Public relations for a small, budding business is one thing; enterprise PR for a large-scale biotech, finance, or technology company is a whole different beast. 

Micro-cap public relations strategies for large organizations tend to demand a more advanced skill-set and close attention from a dedicated, hands-on PR team. Established companies may have an easier time gaining traction with big media outlets, but your core message can easily be lost as you scale up your PR efforts and expand your reach. At Angry Apples, we have the experience, skills, and connections needed to expertly strategize and implement an enterprise PR campaign that seamlessly blends your business goals with your audience’s needs. 


Real Media Placements. Real PR. Real Results.


As your enterprise tech PR agency of choice, we guarantee press coverage from top-tier national news outlets. We’re not talking about small-time bloggers and local reporters. Our media partners include CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, and many other familiar and influential names. 

We are a full-service enterprise PR agency. What does that mean, exactly? We collaborate with our network of writers and media producers to create unique, high-quality content that engages your target audience and helps you reach your business goals. Our team works closely with you from scratch to build cross-platform campaigns that boost your brand’s visibility, reputation, and bottom line. From optimizing your website for search engines to creating social media content to getting you featured on the most relevant and far-reaching news outlets, our enterprise PR service will generate a buzz that you simply cannot achieve on your own.  

At Angry Apples, we know that public relations is human relations. We take the time to engage with you, the client, on a personal level – a degree of service that’s often hard to find at the enterprise level. Our aim is to thoroughly understand your brand, your story, your audience, your products and services, and – most importantly – your goals. We believe this level of connection and communication is key to becoming a true partner and productive extension of your team.

Angry Apples has a proven track record of success with enterprise micro-cap PR, using a variety of strategic methods customized to each of our clients. Take, for instance, our influencer marketing campaign for communications mogul Verizon’s go90. To drive brand awareness and profitable action, we partnered with top bloggers, social media personalities, and superstar athletes, including LeBron James and Rob Gronkowski. The result: over 500,000 people reached on all social media platforms and an average of 100+ comments on every post. Ultimately, awareness of the go90 brand increased and

customer engagement skyrocketed.

To learn more about our past campaigns and how we’ve helped businesses both large and small reach their goals, check out our case studies here.


Why Choose Angry Apples For Your Enterprise PR?


Influential Media Placements

From big-name media outlets like CNN to today’s top influencers, we guarantee your brand’s content will reach your target audience, boosting your reputation and establishing clout at the same time. 


Multi-Industry Experience

From biotech and pharma to technology and finance, we’ve had the pleasure of working with businesses from a variety of today’s most competitive industries. Every brand has a niche, and we know how to identify it and target just the right opportunities to help you reach your goals.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our approach to PR is data-driven, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous and robust reporting. Our in-depth analysis of all the metrics we collect allows us to advise our clients on the best PR strategies for them, setting them up for success.


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