Biotech Public Relations

When you form your marketing strategy, you should never forget to include public relations. As essential as biotech PR is, the last thing you will want to do is throw caution to the wind. When a young biotech or pharmaceutical company starts out, they may be excited to get their name out there. But, without careful consideration and planning, that could have catastrophic consequences on the company’s brand, image, and reputation. You know that saying, “you reap what you sew”? We don’t want your reputation to take a negative hit. Luckily for you, Angry Apples is one of the biotech pr firms here to help. Our aggressive marketing tactics will make sure that you are not only noticed but that you are being talked about in a positive light.

More Than Just Relations

When you choose to work with Angy Apples, you will see that our biotech and pharmaceutical PR plan is two-fold: spread the good news and educate the public. You are placed in this amazing position to educate people about who you are and how your products can benefit people. We are here to spread that good news with a well-thought-out strategy so that you see the results. Our job is also to make sure that everyone receives the same, clear message.

Why You Need Biotech PR

If you understand that attempting biotech and pharmaceutical public relations alone can be detrimental to all that you have built, then you know how important it is to have a team behind you that you can trust. You will be in good standing, not only with your customers but also with everyone else.

Investors: Your investors are the ones who will keep you afloat. Few biotech or pharma companies are self-sufficient financially. That means you rely on your investors for funds. Your investors want to see that you are being innovative, progressing, and that you have a good buzz around your name. We can help keep your investors happy.

Public/Media: Don’t forget about what the media and the public are saying about you. Your message must be clear enough for your nonscientific audience to understand. We can help break down those potential barriers so that there is no miscommunication.

Employees: Your employees want to work for a company that is highly talked about and has a good reputation. You will want to build that credibility within your company and have your employees proud to work for you.

What Sets Angry Apples Apart?

Our drive, passion, and ambition are unmatched. We love to see our clients flourishing and we know just how important your reputation is out there. The media can be pretty unforgiving these days which is why you need Angry Apples to represent you and be there every step of the way. With your goals and our strategy, your name will be popping up with only good things to say. We will not do things subpar, nor will we do things halfway. We will go the extra mile with our aggressive techniques. We might be unorthodox in our approach but we are here to help the little guy succeed.

Our team is full of creative thinkers, go-getters, and bold leaders. Not only do we love what we do, but we also have the data to prove that we are great. Our anger at the half-baked efforts done to the small businesses is what drove us to be who we are today. So, if you are ready to begin your new journey into the world of biotech or pharma PR, then you know Angry Apples will be waiting to help you. Call us and we can get the conversation started today!