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An Angry Apples PR Client

Datavault – Dec 18, 2020

Alex Salvi breaks down the latest hack on U.S. Systems with Nathanial Bradley(CEO, and Founder of Data Donate Technologies)

Viewership Reach: 1.1 Million Viewers

AzureRx – Nov 19, 2020

The National Report with host Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg Promising Results from Coronavirus Vaccines.

Viewership Reach: 420 Thousand Viewers

An Angry Apples PR Client

Parallax – Mar 27, 2020

Trace Gallagher to discuss how tech companies are stepping up to help with coronavirus pandemic.

Viewership Reach: 2.8 Million Viewers

An Angry Apples PR Client

Datavault – Dec 22, 2020

The National Report with Emma Rechenberg Barr: Russia likely behind Cyberattack.

Viewership Reach: 325 Thousand Viewers

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