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An Angry Apples PR Client

Datavault – Dec 18, 2020

Alex Salvi breaks down the latest hack on U.S. Systems with Nathanial Bradley(CEO, and Founder of Data Donate Technologies)

Viewership Reach: 1.1 Million Viewers

AzureRx – Nov 19, 2020

The National Report with host Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg Promising Results from Coronavirus Vaccines.

Viewership Reach: 420 Thousand Viewers

An Angry Apples PR Client

Parallax – Mar 27, 2020

Trace Gallagher to discuss how tech companies are stepping up to help with coronavirus pandemic.

Viewership Reach: 2.8 Million Viewers

An Angry Apples PR Client

Datavault – Dec 22, 2020

The National Report with Emma Rechenberg Barr: Russia likely behind Cyberattack.

Viewership Reach: 325 Thousand Viewers

Our team of digital marketing and public relations experts blend your business goals with your audience needs to build an effective PR campaign with clear, positive impacts on your bottom line. Our full-service marketing and public relations agency in New York works with you from scratch to build online cross-platform campaigns with one purpose: to grow your brand. From optimizing your website to creating social media content, designing email campaigns to getting you on the news, our PR strategy will bring your vision to life.

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"Advertising is What You Pay For,
Publicity is What You Pray For”

Press can hold a lot of power. Whether it is good or bad. If it is good, then it gives your company credibility and forms a positive reputation. But it is bad, it can hurt your company. That is when we come in. As one of the New York public relations firms, we are the storytellers of your story. We connect with trusted and credible media partners through unpaid efforts. This is your earned media meaning it was gained through other means than paid media advertising. Public relations efforts will earn far more credibility than an advertisement. The ad may catch someone’s eye but then when that person researches the company, they’ll see press releases, news stories, and statements made by the leaders of your company.


When you need a recommendation for a good or service, who is the first person you go to? It might be a close friend or a family member. What’s the second place you go? The chances that it’s Google are pretty high. The editorial content produced by a PR firm is what will help the customer make a decision and carries more weight than an ad. The beauty of this is that marketing and public relations go hand in hand. It’s a joint effort to expose the customers to the product/service and make the company transparent and reputable. Not only will you gain customers, but you’ll keep them around much longer.


We collaborate with our network of writers and television producers to craft creative, high-quality brand content that finds the sweet spot between what your audience loves to see and your core business goals. Our content marketing strategies and execution will grab the attention of your audience, turn that attention into action, and consistently build a bigger following for your brand. As your PR agency of choice, we are committed to getting you excited about digital marketing.

How Do Marketing and PR Differ?

The main difference between marketing and public relations is that marketing helps promote a product or service within the company while trying to increase sales. Public relations helps maintain a positive reputation of your company. All marketing efforts are geared towards advertising campaigns, SEO, creating newsletters, market research and so much more. On the other hand, our New York PR firm’s responsibility is set on writing press releases, building positive relationships with the media, handling the company’s messaging, and more. As one of the trusted PR firms in NYC, our focus is making sure your company stays in a positive light in the media’s eyes.


Today, the media can be pretty unforgiving. If your company made a mistake, that’s where Angy Apples Marketing comes in to write up a press release and get it out as soon as possible. Your brand and image are everything; we will do everything in our power to maintain that. Luckily, crisis public relations is not all we do. If your company is already in good standing with the public, we will simply maintain it and continue spreading the good word.

Why Angy Apples Marketing?

Angry Apples Marketing is an online public relations agency that gives brands a unique voice and presence in the industry, connecting them to their audience in a seamless, measurable, and meaningful way. We have a team of experienced and driven go-getters who want to make you better. We are focused on making sure your campaign is top notch and running to its full ability. That’s why we measure everything and our efforts are metric-driven. Our network of national television influencers and producers will get you GUARANTEED visibility across the identified platforms, boost your organic search rankings to bring in traffic, and convert leads into valuable customers to meet your strategic goals. If you are not succeeding, we’re not succeeding.

Are You Ready?

Ready to begin your campaign for public relations in New York? Call, email, or fill out our contact sheet to get the conversation started. We’ll work within your budget, incorporate our unorthodox tactics, and we will get you the results you have been waiting for. Have any further questions? Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions. Angry Apples Marketing wants to see small businesses thrive. You can’t do that without a marketing campaign and a public relations plan. Our team cannot wait to get the word out about your business and spread the good news!

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