Olivia Park – CEO & Founder

   Olivia is a front-line pioneer who combines analytical business strategy with results-driven creativity helping brands find new opportunities to drive growth. She has worked with reputable marketing and ad firms such as BMG Nation as well as fast-growing, innovative startups often playing key roles launching new initiatives for small e-commerce companies and medium-to-large international and blue chip brands targeting both B-to-B and B-to-C.      

   Her highly motivated, no-frills, dynamic energy coupled with her range of hands-on experience has made her incredibly adept at providing creative marketing & sales support often catapulting a low ranking company in a diluted industry to #1 status. She has assisted several startups in securing Series A & Series B funding and now utilizes her experience to lead the marketing team to help Angry Apple clients find themselves center stage in their industries. A serial entrepreneur, she is also  currently the CMO of IES TEST PREP & ILEX PUBLICATIONS.


Alex Montas – Senior Marketing Strategist

   Alex is a true business consultant and brand development specialist with an MBA from NYU. He takes great pride and joy in guiding our clients in their brand development, business process development, and marketing strategies. Alex’s experience has spanned global marketing efforts with industry giants such as Verizon Wireless, AOL, and a plethora of small to mid-size startups.

   As a strategic thinker, Alex has a natural ability to reveal the essence of a firm through powerful messages that allow it to deliver its competitive advantage to clients. He has worked on multi-million dollar projects such as the 2015 Super Bowl Commercials to lean digital marketing firms with less than $5,000 in revenue.  Before that, Alex served several years as an adjunct Entrepreneurship & Marketing professor at NYU and also has  several years worth of experience in investment banking and finance by working at firms such as Citigroup and AIG.


Ousmane Toure –  Business Analyst

   Ousmane specializes in developing business solutions and growth strategies that help businesses become more cost efficient while being effective at delivering what the Angry Apples customers need and want. After graduating with an MBA in Accounting and spending several years in Deloitte & Touche, Ousmane secured  the financial health of many clients through financial and business planning, risk management, value management, growth strategy, and investment management.


Max Gresham – Graphics

   Max is an expert graphic designer specializing in event and commercial publicities and advertising. A graduate of Stockton University , Max’s work has included projects for nonprofit organizations, student clubs, and commercial entities such as The Argo and Soka Gakkai International. 


Ajax Lee – Copywriter

  Words matter. Your consumers know it. Angry Apples knows it. Ajax Lee is an experienced and proficient communicator with a focus on concision, creativity, and clarity. Ajax’s work is guided by a passion to tell the story of each client in the most accurate and compelling way possible, while effectively defining and articulating their brand and message. Past writing experience includes copywriting at LPFM radio station WRIR 97.3, national ad campaigns, and movie reviews for cinema blogs. An accomplished violinist, Ajax possesses a high level of attention to the nuances and details necessary for effective communication.


Brandon Lee – Junior Marketing Associate

   A recipient of the Rising Stars Award and a prodigy in golf, Brandon always brings positivity and fresh ideas to maximize opportunities. Brandon has served as junior marketing and advertisement positions with a proven record of success. His sharp skills in sales, branding, promotions, communications, advertising and campaign management consistently delivers on both revenue and branding objectives. Brandon is very versatile with technology, marketing concepts,and production. Brandon’s experience coupled with his leadership and discipline to reach deadlines and objectives within budget has brought added value to Angry Apples and their clients.


Olivier Arbez – Marketing Director

   A traditional sales guru and SEO expert, Olivier brings over 20 years of marketing experience to the Angry Apples team. Olivier offers a combination of e-commerce marketing tactics and knowledge, operational expertise, and strategic counsel; all are invaluable tools companies need to aggressively compete in today’s complex, ever-changing world of digital marketing. Throughout his career, he has built and successfully sold multiple internet consultant companies, and he leverages his SEO and PPC specialization to help countless clients actualize their dreams by aggregating customers from around the world. A lifelong mixed martial artist and world champion, Olivier brings the focus, energy, and enthusiasm needed for the competitive marketing arena.


Raemin Chen – Marketing Associate

   Raemin, a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business is a highly analytical and reasoned thinker. Using evidence and research to deliver insights that help capture market and mind share, he constantly works to maximize results in an ever-changing marketplace. Raemin has developed customized solutions to drive adoption in fully matured and hyper-competitive arenas and to yield greater effectiveness in helping brands better identify and leverage the vast resources available for optimal message penetration for companies like Sprint, Jinx!, and nDoors.